Link Lindquist and Kathy Taylor are the owners and tourguides for Links Bike Tours.

       Meet Link and Kathy

Kathy Taylor

Kathy, a recently retired professor of mathematics at Santa Ana College, grew up in the Midwest and could not wait to travel to distant places.  Kathy earned her BA from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, and her MA from Purdue University.  Being a teacher, she was very fortunate to travel to far off lands almost every summer vacation.

Kathy lived and taught in Milan, Italy, for two years and in England for eight years.  She is an avid cyclist and is committed to working with people.  She has ridden many century rides from Napa Valley to San Diego.  She has climbed Mont Ventoux from each of the three villages. While she considers herself to be an amateur photographer, you will find her photos reflect exceptional artistic insight. Her new love is painting water colors. While touring France Kathy will help us communicate with her knowledge of French.  

Kathy is a joy to be around and very well organized and disciplined.

As a long-time consultant to businesses, Link has spent many years organizing company seminars and retreats.  He assumed total responsibility for lodging, meals, facilities and transportation, as well as facilitating these programs.  He has worked with groups numbering from a dozen to over a hundred, so he has great expertise in organizing and directing group activities.  Link is semi-retired but is still enthusiastic about people and having a positive affect on their lives.  He and Kathy founded Links Bike Tours and are now organizing and leading bicycle tours to satisfy their needs to work with people, fulfill their love of cycling and share their love of Provence.

Link is an avid sports enthusiast and is highly committed to health and fitness.  Prior to his discovery of cycling, Link was an ultra marathon runner.  He has completed the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Trail Run on three occasions, significantly being one of the first runners over 70 to complete the race.  Link has set the American Record for 50 miles for age 74 as well as winning the USA National 50 Mile Championship for men over 70 on Mount Rainier.

Link received a BA and an MA from the University of Wisconsin in education and physical health.  As a former teacher and coach he knows what it takes to lead groups of people.

Link is the:

Oldest person in the World to climb Mt Ventoux three times in one day from three different villages.  This qualified him to become a member of The Club of the Nuts which has over 7,225 members, fewer than 200 Americans.

Overall winner in the USA Masters Championships in Louisville, KY in the 80-84  division in 2009 and 2010.

Overall winner in his age division in the Huntsman World Senior Games in St George, UT   in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Winner in the National and California Senior Games.

Winner in the Bull Dog RR in Camp Pendleton the past thee years in his age division.

Winner of the San Diego Omnium for the past two years.

Oldest person to finish the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run at age 73.

Link Lindquist