"Our joy is enriching people's lives."

Memories of Provence

As a small boutique bike touring company we can limit the size of the group to six riders plus Link and Kathy.

One of the many reasons you are in Provence is to soak up the ambience and the culture, so our average rides are around 40 miles in the morning.  That way you can join us at a spectacular farmers' market, tour Roman ruins, visit our favorite vineyard or walk to a local cafe to enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee and chat with the locals.

Our tour is 10 days, 9 nights at a price of $4,495 which includes all excellent 4 Star accommodations,  all meals at outstanding  restaurants,  premium bicycle rentals, souvenir jerseys, guided routes, SAG support if necessary, plus                       Link and Kathy and their expertise.  


                                                       Our prices are reasonable because we

                 *  do not try to cover the world                            *  do not focus on the bottom line

                 *  do not print expensive brochures                      *  do not have a huge advertising budget

                 *  do not hire guides                                                *  do not own/maintain our vehicles

                                                                          Come join us!