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"We've found the secret of the ultimate bike tour, and that secret is our love of Provence."

Links Bike Tours

"Tour of Provence"

September 7 -16,  2019

September 21 - 30,  2019


Price Includes:

All Accommodations

All Meals

Premium e Bicycle Rentals

Groups Limited to 6

Outstanding Routes

Excellent Leadership

Forever Friends

Lifetime Experiences

"Links Bike Tours is simply the BEST value out there, without sacrificing service or accommodations.  Whether you want to smell the flowers on a leisurely ride through the countryside or hammer up Mt. Ventoux, Link and Kathy will make it so.  They are very knowledgeable about the routes, restaurants, and people.  The smaller group size allows for a more flexible itinerary and more attention to your desires.  Whether wine tasting, food, Roman ruins, you name it, they can provide it.  I have had the privilege of riding with Links Bike Tours on three trips, completing the triple ascent of Mt. Ventoux twice, and catching two stages of the TdF one year as it rolled through Provence and up Ventoux.

Link and Kathy are widely known throughout the area. Link is a legend among the visiting cyclists from Northern Europe who travel to Provence to climb Ventoux.  If you want to meet the locals, hang around with them."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Rene R. - Triathlete

Finally, a bike tour company that

really cares!  

We love to cycle, we love people,

we love adventure and discovering

another culture.

If you have never been on a bicycle tour now is the time!  We invite you to discover bicycle touring with a unique and special group that we limit to six riders.

We will be cycling through the beautiful countryside of Provence, France.

Join Link and Kathy who have led tours in Provence for 16 years.  We know the area and all it has to offer.  We are passionate about sharing the Provencal culture and its fantastic cycling.

We promise you a tour of a lifetime.

Come join us!

What Makes Links Bike Tours Different?

We will introduce you to Provence:  the area, the people and the culture. At the end of your tour you will become a part of Provence and it will become a part of you.

***   Dinner With Link and Kathy - WOW!!!

We like to get to know our clients well. So before you travel with Links Bike Tours, we invite you to join us for dinner.  We can discuss all aspects of the tour and answer all your questions so there will be no surprises.  If you can’t join us for dinner, we invite you to a virtual dinner online.

***   Limited Group Size

One of the outstanding aspects of Links Bike Tours is that we limit the number of cyclists to six.  Small groups are the key to providing a personal experience.  Keeping the group small allows us to stay in regional French farmhouses, B & B’s and small family run hotels.

***   Personalized Service

We only lead tours in Provence.  With Links Bike Tours the only people you will deal with from the beginning to the end of the tour are Link and Kathy. They will cycle with you each day on carefully researched routes without GPS systems.  They are both intimately familiar with Provence, having cycled there many times.  Our routes cover some of the most beautiful roads in all of France.  

***  The Cost Includes

All Accommodations - 4 Star B & B's, 4 Star French Vacation Apartments, Small Family Run Hotels,  Transportation to and from the Avignon TGV Train Station or Marseilles Airport,  Bicycle rentals on the newest electric bicycles including Pinarellos, Matras, LaPierres,  All Meals at some of our favorite restaurants,  Route Slips,  SAG Wagon support as needed,  Souvenir Jerseys,  Great Companions,  Dedicated Leadership

***  A Perfect Balance

We use one place as a base and ride out and back each morning rather than packing up and moving every day.  This allows you the freedom of choice to do what you want to do in the afternoon.  Ride a bit further, mingle with the locals while sampling a glass of wine at a local sidewalk cafe.  We plan time off the bike to enjoy the rich culture and Roman past in Provence, appreciate the lush farmers' markets and visit an amazing state of the art winery.

On our tour, you'll become a part of the region rather than just passing through it.  If you're looking for hard core cycling, don't consider Links Bike Tours.  Come join us!

For additional information contact us by email       or call us     at 949-462-9994